Monday, November 29, 1999

NWFP Govt. wasted millions in procuring `inefficient` explosive scanners

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Islamabad, May 16 (ANI): Despite being rendered 'ineffective' by not only certain concerned agencies within the country, but also by several foreign security agencies, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (North West Frontier Province) government has purchased 50plosive detectors at a whopping cost of 2.8 million rupees.But what is more noticeable is that inspite of being aware about the non-performance of the equipment, the provincial government is all set place orders for 50 to 100 more of such below standard machines.According to sources, the Pakistan Navy has already rejected the explosive scanners for its inefficiency.According to details, the provincial government is procuring a large quantity of GT-200 explosive detectors without a proper field trial of the equipment.Moreover, the outdated machines are being purchased without floating a proper tender procedure, which certainly points towards a massive scam, The News reports.nterestingly, the lower bidders for the procurement of the machine were rejected despite the fact that the difference of amount in each piece was almost a million rupee.However, Additional Inspector General (police headquarters) Majeed Marwat denied any foulplay in the procurement of these security devices.Marwat said the explosive detectors were purchased in a 'transparent manner and only after the recommendations of a committee constituted for the purpose.'It may be noted that the Interior Ministry had already wasted millions of dollars in purchase of X-rays scanners, which were aimed to check terrorism but were never installed.The scanners, which are usually installed at seaports across the world, were actually meant for examining inanimate objects and not human beings. (ANI)

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