Monday, November 29, 1999

On the house

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An expert in House Music, DJ Owen comes to town and will be spinning some of his popular tracks made over the last two decadesThe industry is a good and a bad place. On one side it is very exciting at the moment that allows artists to make a name for themselves with the internet and music software available. On the downside DJs don't seem to be taking risks anymore. Everyone seems to be playing other DJ's top 10s so we don't see much experimentation. We love throwing in forgotten classics or rare tracks from the 70's or 80's, educating people of where house music originated from," he says evaluating the music industry today. But for DJ Owen Clarke, Ministry of Sound's resident player, the best thing is that the hunger and passion for entertaining is being taken on more increasingly and professionally.From being at the forefront in the UK from 93-95 to spinning deep house classics such as Joe Smooth's I try, Paris's Learn to Love and Larry Heard's Mystery of Love over the last 20 years, Owen for the first time comes to India and the city promising a carnival of vibe and uplifting house music for all his fans.The house scene he feels is in a healthy state at the moment with proper musicality and instrumentation adding, "With the new age of digital download and the illegal copying of artists' music, spending hours in the studio doing something you love can have very little monetary reward. However, in contrast it's easier for one to get his/ her music out there as exposure is a vital element in becoming a successful DJ. India, as an economy growing both internally and internationally, what better place to stage great house music. It can only be a good thing for DJs to showcase their talent and for India to experience what we have in The UK."With plenty of gigs in place including Defected in the house at Ministry of Sound in July, the DJ will showcase a band with Saxadelic (on Saxophone) and Matt Early (on percussion) while taking their live performances to international shores. Music, he says, has been a continuous evolution adding, "We've had lots of sub genres emerging over the years- from the early classic Chicago house sound to tech, soulful, dub, disco and funky. The simple fact is that it is continuously evolving and you never know what will be thrown up next. After a few years of constant R and B, things have eventually come a full circle and house is once again at the forefront of the dance scene. Also due to new digital technology, production techniques have changed dramatically. Some of the new tracks being released now are off the scale. The great thing about house is it's diversity and that's the reason I love playing it so much."(DJ Owen will be performing at Stone Water Grill on Saturday evening)

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