Monday, November 29, 1999

Over 60 percent Chinese couples are happy with their marriage

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New Delhi, May 16 (ANI): Over 60 percent of couples in China enjoy a blissful marital life, a survey has revealed.The survey was conducted by the All-China Women's Federation and covered 9,645 couples in 10 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China from October last year to April.About 62.4 percent of the respondents said that they were happy with their marriage, and "loved and respected each other."About 64.5 percent of surveyed Chinese couples said they were "satisfied" or "very much satisfied" with their sex life.The survey found a direct correlation between level of education of both partners and conjugal bliss. Only 7.5 percent of husbands and wives, who never went to school, felt very much satisfied with their sex life. The ratio increased to 28.6 percent among those with a degree of bachelor or higher.According to the survey, about 70.2 percent of the surveyed couples were happy and very happy in their life. The happiness was strongly related to the couples' perception of their economic status, the survey report said.The survey also found Chinese couples considered loyalty as the most important virtue in maintaining a good marriage. About 69.4 percent of the surveyed couples said the least tolerable mistake was having extramarital affairs, Xinhua news agency reports. (ANI)

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