Monday, November 29, 1999

State govt defends Best-Five rule in HC

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Mumbai, June 18 -- The state government on Thursday strongly defended its decision to introduce the Best-Five rule for SSC students who are seeking admissions to junior college in the Bombay High Court. Under the Best-Five rule, the percentage of SSC students will be calculated on the basis of better marks secured by him in any five of the six principal subjects, and the same will be considered while admitting them to junior college. Replying to a petition filed by 21 parents of ICSE students seeking parity with SSC Board students, the state government said the decision had been taken after taking into consideration the views of the academic council and inviting objections and suggestions from the public. The affidavit says that the proposal to introduce the Best-Five rule was sent by the SSC Board on February 2. The state government had asked the Board to publicise the proposed amendment before introducing the controversial rule. The Board, in turn, had issued advertisements and 250 objections and suggestions were received -189 were in favour of the proposal and 59 against it. Two others were neither in favour nor against it. On February 25, the state government sanctioned the proposed amendment and a Government Resolution was issued, the affidavit said. The petitioners had moved the high court contending that the rule will enhance the percentage of SSC students artificially and give them an edge over other Board students.The matter will be next heard on Friday.

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